Our Powerful Wireless Probe

3 Core Measurements

1. Soil Moisture (Volumetric Water Content)

2. Soil Salinity (deciSiemens per metre, dS/m)

3. Ground Temperature (Centigrade/Fahrenheit)

High Sensitivity

– Market Leading +/-2%


– Guaranteed 2 Year Warranty

– Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

– Proven High Accuracy

– +/-3% on Most Soils

See Our Sensors in Action.

Our soil sensors are quick and easy to install in any environment.

Probes Communicate with a Basestation

One Basestation supports 50+ probes

Basestations ferry data to our cloud using cellular or WiFi

View Your Soil Data Online or Via Our App

Use our intuitive quick-glance dashboard or see historical data of your probes

Get alerts for when your predefined thresholds are met

Gardeners and Landscapers

Save up to 50,000 gallons of water per day


Farm proactively rather than reactively

Save Time

Monitor remotely and take action only when required

Stay Updated

Set custom thresholds and get notified when they are met

Contact Us and Get Involved with our Beta Trials

We are looking for participants to trial our devices.